Double aces tactical

double aces tactical

During the course of this review, I asked Black Aces Tactical’s Eric Lemoine what DT stands for. With their billet receivers, removable magazines, and pistol grip stocks, these shotguns are the Ferraris of pump guns. The Pro Series 5 DT is an 8.5” barreled Pistol grip “gun.
The DT 12 gauge is something. This 12 gauge is not an AOW. It is not a SBS. Not a shotgun either. It is a hard.
Black Aces Tactical is dedicated to providing the best shotgun products available. double aces tactical

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I had a lengthy discussion with the local BATF agent in my area last year. So, I suppose I could build one of these if I really wanted to. As such, you can also shoulder an AR pistol buffer tube, although it was not designed to be. This Black Aces is just insane. A few politely mentioned it to the guys at black aces and they completely spazzed out and went off the reservation. Admittedly, kinda cool tho.. They are selling their own mags.
Worse was when I contacted Black Aces to address the issue they seem double aces tactical have little concern for plumb bobbing short comings of their product. Rock the new magazine into place and close the action. Whatever you take off one end you have to add to the other or vice versa. There is no stamp required. The atf regulations are laws. Not a an AOW. Typically overall length is measured with the Stock fully extended I believe.