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free company name search

Instant company name availability check at no cost. Find out availability and likelihood of approval of the name of your private limited company, LLP or OPC in.
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Should you begin forming your business with a name already in use, the registration will be denied and any expense to correct the filing will be borne by the business entity. This rule does not apply to corporations, Free online games mafia, LLPs, and limited partnerships registered with the Iowa Secretary of State. Fees vary depending on entity. Incorporated dba C B A Inc. Sole proprietorships and general partnerships operating under an assumed name must register with the Parish Clerk of Court office where the business is located. Certificate of Transacting Business Under a Fictitious Name Application for Registration of Trade Name. Trade Name Registration Information Any sole proprietorship or general partnership operating under a free company name search other than the owners must file a Doing Business Under an Assumed Name Certificate.