How to say matching clothes in spanish

how to say matching clothes in spanish

to be well matched estar muy igualados(as). to be a well- matched couplehacer buena pareja. intransitive verb. 8. (colors, clothes). a. pegar con, combinar con. 9.
Translation of match at Merriam-Webster's Spanish -English Dictionary. her shoes match her dress sus zapatos hacen juego con su vestido. intransitive verb. 1.
Clothes in Spanish language. Word list and online game for learning the words for clothing in Spanish. Kids and students language learning game / free fun.
How do you razortooth 2007 about matching the appropriate celebrity with the clients? The pen may be mightier than the sword - but it's no match for a boxer's fist. How would this be said in Spanish? Separate names with a comma. Our fast feet are no match for opponents on longboards, who tag us almost immediately. how to say matching clothes in spanish How Does Everyone Know What Color to Wear Each Day? (Large Family Organization)