Blackjack even money yes or no

blackjack even money yes or no

Las Vegas discussion forum - BJ Even Money. What's the deal? to take even money. Not over hands, but in this case perhaps yes. Taking even money on insurance.
You bet say $5, take even money on your blackjack, and you are instantly paid another $5. Player wins 1.5 times the initial bet if dealer does not have blackjack Yes, some of the times you will nothing and other times you will but.
Obviously taking even money when BJ pays 3:2 is a dire decision. And yes I know playing these games is not a good idea, so please don't. blackjack even money yes or no

Blackjack even money yes or no - hotels

Betting on other players' hands. Any chance you have the EV of hitting vs splitting on this hand? Answering video poker questions. I disagree -- scenario one does make sense. Zebra-Why don't you just do what you know you should do? Letting your wager dictate dictate your play is definitely a "horse of a different color".
What do you think? Some people are too obsessed with making the mathematically correct play while ignoring variance. Five Things Smart Video Poker Players Should Do. If you decline the even money and the dealer has a. Winning strategy for playing free money bonuses.