Facebook pokes not showing

facebook pokes not showing

Every time one of your friends pokes you on Facebook, you receive a notification. However, if the Pokes application is not displayed on your profile, you will have.
A recent redesign on Facebook has changed the look and feel of the user For those who do not know: Pokes are a basic way of saying "hi".
I know for shure, that somebody has poked me(because he/she told me), and even showe me, that I got 2 r more pokes. But when I open pokes site, it only show. How Come My Post On A Facebook Page Is Not Showing Up?

Facebook pokes not showing - march

I am looking into fixing this bug. Chemistry Engineering Mathematics Physics. Related Questions How can I find out who has poked me? Finally, when did you get these e-mails? Where Can I Download FB Purity? The sidebar size is medium. You may need to type a space after you finish typing your final word of your comment or status to stop Facebook automatically replacing your final word with a tag.. facebook pokes not showing Because if you did, there's no way to get it. Where can I see how many pokes I've sent? If you are using Chrome and you find FB Purity appears to have stopped working, but is still enabled on the Extensions page, this is a known issue, it seems to happen intermittently, and i dont know exactly what is facebook pokes not showing it. Make sure you have the latest available stable version of your browser installed fall elephant also the latest version of FBP, as that should fix the problem. A Facebook spokesperson confirmed the removals to The Vergebut provided no further comment. Can I disable autoplay videos from playing automatically in the Facebook newsfeed?