Instantaneous transportation

Instantaneous transportation

Instant Transport. Author(s): Ivars Peterson. Source: Science News, Vol. 153, No. 3 (Jan. 17, p. 41. Published by: Society for Science & the Public.
This is a list of all notable works of fiction which include teleportation in any form. . These allow for instantaneous teleportation between any two points in the In Stephen King's The Jaunt, teleportation is a routine form of transportation in the.
The Instantaneous Transportation Device is a creation used by Shinra Incorporated to move between Earth and Gaia in a matter of seconds.

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It is noted in the series that the ring teleporter technology is related to the Stargate technology, although the rings have limited range as they do not utilize wormholes. Create your own and start something epic. They are portals insofar as no travel through a pipe system is shown, providing near instantaneous translocation. Basically, the ship's computer memorized the passenger down to the precise placement of every last atom. In this book, an organization knows about and hunts these people that can teleport freely, considering them an abomination. Prey features portals as core gameplay element. These teleporters are essentially portals through which people and objects can be transported. Instantaneous transportation

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