Star trek online spin the wheel cant play dabo

After speaking with Ze'mara, she asks you to play Dabo to draw away suspicion. I cannot interact with Leeta, or the Dabo table. Is this a bug of.
Mission: Spin the Wheel /Walkthrough . So you're dealing with an EPS system that just can't handle the . Go play some Dabo with Leeta.
Star Trek Online. Teen. When you regulate and restore the EPS power grid, you reroute power on consoles in this order: Replicator Environmental controls. He didn't ask me to spy on my fellow soldiers. I wanted to die. DONATE TO OUR CLAN. All you will ever need to know about STO can be found. Ze'mara: I cannot believe a warrior such as yourself does not know these things. Keep spinning until you win some Gold Pressed Latinum.
star trek online, xbox one pt.15, "spin the wheel"