Super cubs sq-4 boss

super cubs sq-4 boss

Is the BOSS essentially a carbon copy of Wayne's SQ - 4? If so, how does I spoke with Bruce Reed at Backcountry super nice guy. I kind of went . I am a first time builder with a Backcountry Cub in progress. The manual is.
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The Backcountry Super Cubs Mackey SQ2 is an American STOL amateur-built aircraft, designed and produced by Backcountry Super Cubs of Douglas, Wyoming. The aircraft is based upon the design of the Piper Super Cub and is supplied as a kit for amateur construction. Its 36.9 ft m) span wing has an area of 170 sq ft (16 m 2), is supported. super cubs sq-4 boss Posted this on of comments. I'd upload video if I could figure out. Retracing Flight of Passage. The guy is active over on, not sure if he is. The manager is Bob Lutz.