Top online gaming communities

top online gaming communities

Having experienced the best and worst forums dedicated to gaming, here A fantastic community that not only has a deep dedicated gaming.
I wish there was a good source that collected statistics on popularity for online - multiplayer games so we could get an idea of how large the communities are. How to get into online gaming ---Tips.
I generally find that games with "dying" multiplayer have the best types of people to play GTA Online has a good community if you like shooting fish in a barrel.

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Worst I've encountered would be the Starcraft scene. I could mention wonder-trade and the ridiculous expectations of the GTS but I had a cheeseburger today so my heart can't take it. He deserves it more than i ever will. I think I'll be third to nominate the Destiny subforums on Bungie's site as the worst gaming community. MxGaming would like to launch a youtube channel with dedicated members to upload and contribute to it. This one time, I fell to my death, and a random player ran over to me and revived me. top online gaming communities THE BEST DANCER IN THE ONLINE GAMING COMMUNITY - DR DISRESPECT STREAM HIGHLIGHTS PART 2

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Mods reserve the right to remove content or restrict users' posting privileges as necessary if it is deemed detrimental to the subreddit or to the experience of others. They're extremly hostile towards anyone that plays diffrently than they do. What i can tell you is that though i will probably never be a rich man and that's okay if i were i would give a good amount of it to Toady. Not only is the main website highly informative and well designed, it has started to build up a enjoyable community that seems to focus more on talking about games rather than the ridiculous system war bile so many websites seem to either ignore or encourage in order to get more hits. A flag telling jCarousel jumping to the index without animation. Along with the forums - free mods for PC No console mods yet as the console makers don't yet allow them. Not only has the TheBitBag created one of the worst podcasts in gaming history food chewing on a regular basis with bad headsets is just one of many faults it has also aligned itself into hypocrite status.