Wizard best in slot 2.0.5

Shard of Hate truly is best in slot for this build. . thunderfury/Myken/Vaxo lightning wizard, or even my Azurewrath/mirrorball/LoG cold wizard.
Wizard end-game build based around Meteor and Hydra with The Tal Tal Rasha's Relentless Pursuit (Best in Slot); Cindercoat (Alternative).
Hellforge: The Wizard of Wohz This particular Wizard will fly into Melee range to obliterate champion +Fire% still makes it BiS for this build. The Top 10 Best Legendaries in Diablo 3 PC - Legendary & Set Items
We wanted to bottle that same ethos and create a compendium of possible builds for players new and old Modern Day Jazz Stories research, test, and iterate. Chest: Cindercoat bonus damage to fire and fire spells cost reduced. Am I missing something? The display at the top of the charts shows how many Wizards use One-Handed weapons versus Two-Handed weapons. It is also cast-able on allies but is a single target spell. The best in slot Wizard Legendary and Set weapons weapons are listed by popularity.