Maty sims 3 awesome mod

maty sims 3 awesome mod

Awesome Mod & You Since there seems to be some confusion about Awesome Mod (AM) and what it does I thought I'd write Save it to your Documents\ Electronic Arts\The Sims 3 \Mods folder. Second, go to MATY and download AM again.
3. Download a new copy of AwesomeMod, unzip it and copy the AwesomeMod file into here: (if the “Mods” or “Packages” folders do not exist.
Awesomemod lives on the More Awesome Than You (MATY) forums. I don't Follow the instructions to add the Framework files to your Sims 3.

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MULTIPLE SLOT-T An easy check is to type "showconfig" into the cheat console. An easy way to tell if AM is working in game is to open the cheats box and type "fixall" or "towderelicts. Typing showconfig in cheat console makes nothing happens. First things first: AWESOME MOD IS A CORE MOD!!! Or you can hack the XML. Simple Things theme by Dan Hauk. Choose fish with Supreme Commander.
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Sims 3 - Mod Spotlight- NRaas How Do I Install Awesomemod? So, I hoped this helped answer any lingering questions you might. Some of these choices are just player styles. Ny casinos locations you been able to register MATY Forum yet? Ignore it and continue on. Another major feature is "Supreme Commander", an assortment of macros to automatically control Sims' behavior.

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You are using an outdated browser. All Lythdans are stupid and suck! The Manual is now too long to fit in a post and can be viewed here or here. Using Awesomemod can completely destroy your game. Luckily, Awesomemod gives you access to the "towderelicts" function. I use some of the nraas mods, but not awesome. maty sims 3 awesome mod