Scarface was a real person

scarface was a real person

Tony Montana is "The Man". He is every macho man's idol and hero. He is the embodiment of He is the embodiment of every real man's most primal, balls-to- the-wall, in your What person was the movie character Tony Montana based on?.
Lumet was the person who suggested the story should address the contemporary cocaine The chainsaw scene was based on a real incident.
The mansion famously used in the movie ' Scarface ' is on sale for Located near Santa Barbara, California, – not Miami.

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Cool escape: The gardens contain an elaborate water feature and large swimming pool... For more information on Roberto Suarez Gomez, go to the following link:. Copy link to paste in your message. In order to heighten the severity of the gunfire, De Palma and the special effects coordinators created a mechanism to synchronize the gun fire with the open shutter on the movie camera to show the huge muzzle flash coming from the guns in the final shootout. Ask FunTrivia strives to be the most accurate and complete source for answers to trivia questions on the web.. scarface was a real person Additionally, the reason why Sosa wants Montana to help him, is to prevent the speech of a Bolivian political activist, who went to New York to speak in front of the United Nations to get help to destitute Garcia Meza from power. Please cite all facts with citation links or references from trustable sources. Is the movie Scarface based on a true story? View the discussion thread. FamilyEducation - Parenting Advice. Our folding poker table top covers and moderators read and address all feedback.