Goldfish care forum

goldfish care forum

Welcome To Koko's Goldfish Forum Questions on the care of Goldfish and any other question regarding goldfish. Other Goldfish Related forums.
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Unfortunately, many people don't bother to find out about proper goldfish care, and think that goldfish can simply be kept in small, unfiltered bowls. It's one of the. What do goldfish eat? Goldfish also need light. Please search and read before ask the question. Fin Ripped And White Patch. If you have a question on the type of fish, how to take care of them, their needs, what they look like, this is the spot. How can I help my fish? Little Tank of Happiness.

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Latest: Green water for OTHER fish species? Instead, get your goldfish a properly sized tank and you will save yourself a lot of issues down the road. Latest: LIVE PLANTS :D. This is because in the wild, goldfish are scavengers and foragers by nature. Everything You Want To Know About The Quality Of Goldfish. Latest: Stand Shape VS Tank Shape. No filtration in a bowl. goldfish care forum