Gong xi gong xi ni

gong xi gong xi ni

Learn How To Sing the Chinese New Year Song "gōng xǐ gong xǐ " GongXi GongXi - Happy Lunar New Year.
Gongxi, Gongxi (Greetings); Xinnian Hao (Happy New Year); Gongxi Ni Facai (Hope You Get Rich); Bainian (Pay New Year Respects); Chinese translation tool.
恭喜恭喜. Gong xi Gong xi. Congratulations, congratulations. 每条大街小巷 mei3 da4 jie1 Each big street, small alley. Gong cheng Yao zu zi zhi xian. About Contact Us Advertise Resources. View my complete profile. If anyone can provide a copy of the original song, please email me. There "you can watch films, apply as a filmmaker, explore recipes, share stories [. My Chinese teacher is teaching us this song Pop shot for our homework we had to find the translation.