Bubble mania stars

bubble mania stars

Bubble Mania is a fun bubble shooting game for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. sends your score (and thus your star total for the stage) higher and higher.
New on the app store, free games section today, is Bubble Mania ; another iteration of the classic bubble breaker that we are all familiar with. Bubble breaker is.
Can't get more than one star on levels 518, 520 and 521. Can't get off island. Please help.., Bubble Mania Answers for the iPhone - iPad. Your review will post soon. Bubble Egg Blitz has never been so fun. This website uses cookies. I thought something like. To begin the game, select the island you wish to visit. Go to Add Me for neighbors.

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Then, once you can do that, carom a few well placed shots off of the wall, if need be, to start popping lines of bubbles that are ABOVE the chunk of left over bubbles. Answer from: Mich Thank you Bubblemaniac. Tell us what you think. Try to pop the line all the way across, and you can end up dropping the entire chunk of bubbles that was attached to it. BB code is On. Bubble Mania is a Bubble Popper game created by TeamLava.

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Answer from: Kaza Wow! Have your catlike creature aim and shoot bubbles at a wall of bubbles to create color matches and clear the screen. Become the Ultimate Spacefaring Battleblock in Upcoming Adventure Evergrow. I believe the number of stars you get depends on the final score at the end. These are currently locked but they will open up xisf.org the play button to begin the level. bubble mania stars