Double exposure columbo

double exposure columbo

This is a list of episodes from the third season of Columbo. Broadcast history[edit]. The season 21, 4, " Double Exposure ", Richard Quine · Stephen J. Cannell, 73 minutes, December 16, 1973 Dr. Bart Keppel (Robert Culp) is a.
Buy Columbo Season 3 here ▻ Dr. Bart Keppel styles himself as a "motivation research.
In Episode 19 of the Columbo Podcast, Gerry & Iain look at Double Exposure, the fourth show in Columbo's third season. double exposure columbo
Most Popular TV Shows. Taunted by Lessing, Scott bludgeons him in a fit of rage before he can sell it to her ruthless competitor, David Lang Vincent Price. I thought it was great that the lack of a second female character was brought up in your podcast. Richard Levinson created by. Like us on Twitter. When his latest victim, Vic Norris, refuses to be blackmailed and Pilot (Glee) to expose him, Double exposure columbo plots to kill. Julie Harris plays Adrian Carsini's formidable secretary. Columbo - 7 Great Endings