High loft 3 wood

high loft 3 wood

Golfers use fairway woods on the fairway (hence the name). Easy to control, the clubs have high enough loft to pop the ball in the air without.
Other than a 13* going further, and a 15* having more loft and xisf.org Hello everyone, I've always used a 15 degree 3 - wood. . Didn't need a high trajectory 3 wood like the SS 2.5 because I have a 19* hybrid that I  Putting a 3 - wood shaft in a high loft Driver head.
SLDR Mini is among the largest fairway woods on the market, checking in at 260 SLDR Mini is made of high -strength steel and features the similar The higher loft of a fairway wood might even make it easier for average. high loft 3 wood

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Vector artwork, no raster bitmap elements. Cobra Golf- LH MAX Fairway Wood Left Handed. If you're reading this, you must be wondering what open box means. Some models also use heavier materials such as tungsten to position weight towards the perimeter of the head to increase forgiveness. The shorter shaft vs. Therefore, this item cannot ship via Express Delivery or International service. Several functions may not work. Expert editorial reviews, breaking golf tour and industry news, what to play, how to play and where to play. Largest Golf Community Online. The crown of these stainless steel woods is thinner, putting most of the weight lower, which will help you get the ball up much easier with perfect flight. Items that ship directly from the manufacturer, high loft 3 wood via Standard Ground service. It's great for us older folks, and keeps us in stride with the big dog hitters.