List game of thrones families

list game of thrones families

Game of Thrones: List of Houses. By James T. Cains. Game of Thrones is full of political intrigue taking place between the nine noble family houses of Westeros.
The great houses are: Stark of Winterfell, rulers of The North; Tully of Riverrun, rulers of The Game of Thrones: When they talk about 'The Realm', do they mean the Seven Kingdoms or the combined land of Westeros and Essos?.
The Great Houses are the most powerful of the noble houses of the Seven Kingdoms. At the start of the books this list comprises the Starks, Lannisters, Arryns,  ‎ House Durrandon · ‎ Noble house · ‎ House Hoare · ‎ Great houses.

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Benjen Stark is the younger brother of Ned Stark and serves as First Ranger in the Night's Watch. After his older brother Robb is crowned King in the North , Bran becomes Robb's heir and the acting Lord of Winterfell. A Game of Thrones: Genesis. Together, they begin restoring order to the Seven Kingdoms. Lannister of Casterly Rock. During one encounter Hoster called him the black goat of House Tully. Keeping in mind that Martin has said that Westeros is roughly the size of the continent of South America, the realm known as "the Seven Kingdoms" spans an area on the scale of the Roman Empire. In the HBO television street dice game shooter, he is portrayed by Robert Pugh. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Otherwise they are largely left to operate autonomously to simplify the bureaucracy and governance of the realm. In the fight Dunk forces Aerion to withdraw his accusation, but Maekar while trying to reach his son is stopped by Baelor and accidentally strikes them a blow to the head that kills. Sansa is introduced as beautiful and demure. A Golden Crown list game of thrones families