Silk and steel strings advantages

silk and steel strings advantages

It seems like any time I see " silk and steel " strings mentioned here, people just don't seem to care for them. I've even asked at several stores.
The reason why silk ans steel strings are good for beginners with soft hands. Before shifting to silk and steel strings, it is better to know the advantages and.
Acoustic Guitar Steel String Gauges with medium-gauge strings that take fuller advantage of their relatively larger sound chambers. Silk and Steel: These steel core strings have silk, nylon. silk and steel strings advantages Might be worth checking. Contact Us RSS Feed. Typically a smaller bodied parlor guitar will sound and feel better with lighter gauge strings. Find all posts by patchmcg. Instrument age: If you have a vintage instrument, be careful about putting heavier gauge strings on it, as they put more tension on the neck. silk an steel on my martin m-38