The greedy goblin blog

the greedy goblin blog

Kind of something the Goblinator does on his own blog. Fuck I forgot what my point was. nullibear. LOL I”m laughing because if you're telling.
My colleague in blogging, Gevlon Goblin, is in despair. Ironically at his moment of triumph - just yesterday I saw someone comment "Gevlon.
My blog was much more alive back then. As I'm indexing old posts, I realized that I had 30+ comments despite half as much traffic. Both me and my commenters. the greedy goblin blog

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SIZZLING HOT 77777 Seems to me it would be very hard to monopolize. Something i would have not expected tbh. So whoever can assemble the largest fleet will gain control New Jita. I got my full TET gear in August now it's obviously outdated. For that you need people who can pull their weight. Consolidated List of Guides. Which shows up in his graphs, ironically.
Mirror Shield - Yakra's Reflections on The greedy goblin blog. People who leave the game because of isk loss probably aren't going to stay in the game over the long run anyway, as the only real guarantee of EVE is that you are going to lose internet space ships. My blog was much more alive back. If you would like to read more Gevlon Goblin articles, we invite you to visits his Greedy Goblin blog. I'm sure you'll find an original take on whatever you try. Again with the nullsec nolifers.