Pharos research group

pharos research group

" Pharos Research Group " first came to my attention on Wednesday via a very thin piece in The Hill regarding a new ND-Sen poll purporting to.
Pharos polls have been making their rounds in the past month, including one that showed Romney was within 3 points of Obama in.
as bad as, say, Strategic Vision or the Pharos Research Group, who have "F" grades and are excluded from the site's calculations altogether. Architecture Engineering Department - Pharos University in Alexandria

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There were roughly two dozen polling firms that issued at least five surveys in the final three weeks of the campaign, counting both state and national polls. This post has been updated to reflect the fact that the Gravis poll was a so-called "informed ballot. Why do we care so much about the Polls? Our method of evaluating pollsters has typically involved looking at all the polls that a firm conducted over the final three weeks of the campaign, rather than its very last poll alone. In Nebraska, for example, Pharos claims to have conducted five polls this month alone, all of them showing the race increasingly tight. Conversely, polls that were Republican-leaning relative to the consensus did especially poorly. How could that important element have been left out of this story? pharos research group