The forest pc secrets

the forest pc secrets

Here is the official tips and tricks thread. The aim of this thread is for all you guys to share tips, tricks and generally thingts you have learnt.
Secret Paths in the Forest is a children's puzzle game that was published in 1997 by the defunct game.
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OFFICIAL: Resolutions and Aspect Ratios Needing Support. An IGN Entertainment Games site. You can't run around the forest with ease, charging at every enemy patrol, because, simply, you won't survive that. Lizard skin can be used as armour. A small tip, wait a few minutes before leaving the plane in the begnining, that will give the mutants a chance to leave the area a little bit before you leave the plane. The game was developed by the Endnight Games, and is currently in the state of alpha, and is available at the Steam Early Access.

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